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East Central Ohio Sanctuary Network

Sanctuary, Solidarity and Support Flyer.

Who We Are


In November 2016, local pastors started asking questions about how they could work together with folks caught in an increasingly unjust immigration system. Many had developed relationships with newcomers from Central and South America, and became concerned with how to support their new friends and community members.

Since then, the East Central Ohio Sanctuary Network (ECOSN) has been working to create support programs and develop new avenues for sanctuary. Initial partnerships formed with Immigrant
Worker Project - Centro San Jose based in Canton, and Open Arms Hispanic Ministry in Wayne County.

We’ve held educational events, provided workshops for faith communities, and created partnerships for direct service with local newcomer communities. In addition, we have held meetings for church leaders considering leading their faith communities to become sanctuary churches. In all of these gatherings, we have listened and learned – especially about the growing injustices in the current immigration system.

We are now moving forward to create a network for the promotion of solidarity through direct service and sanctuary-related work. We invite any organization, faith community, or individual willing to commit energy for action to become a member of the East Central Ohio Sanctuary Network.

What We Do

  • Offer speakers and resources for faith communities considering sanctuary or solidarity work

  • Provide opportunities for direct service with immigrant communities

  • Offer mobile workshops focused on immigration law and immigrant issues. We provide speakers and content at your location

  • Organize meetings where we provide updates on recent immigration legislation and news, and give network members a chance to compare notes and offer resources to one other.

Training Programs*


The Ambassadors Program

Mentor newcomer immigrant students through the process of college selection, scholarship applications, and the transition from high school to further education.


The Compañeros Program
Train to help people under final order for deportation as they navigate family separation and prepare their families to survive fragmentation, emotional stress and other related hardships.

*Through the Immigrant Worker Project